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Speeding up your WiFi requires you to get a stronger WiFi signal. Chances are that if your WiFi speed is suffering, it is because your WiFi signal is weak. They are directly connected. Here are tips for how to give your WiFi signal a boost so that you can enjoy fast WiFi again.

Boost Your WiFi Signal with These Tips

Here are 5 things you can do yourself to fix your weak WiFi signal to speed up your WiFi.

  1. Increase your signal coverage
    Your WiFi speed may be slow only in certain areas in your home called dead spots. These occur because the WiFi signal strength isn’t strong enough to get there. By using WiFi booster devices like MoCA adapters, you can get solid coverage as if your devices were wired up, but with the freedom of being anywhere in your home. MoCA adapters only require plugging in to a coax outlet or wire to create an Ethernet over coax wired backbone. This is the best solution to get the best of both wired and wireless experiences.
  2. Restart your router
    Maybe your router just needs to be restarted. This is the easiest fix. Try turning it off for 30 seconds and then turn it back on.
  3. Change your wireless channel
    If you are trying to connect to an overly congested wireless channel on your network, your connection will suffer. Change to a less frequented channel so your devices are not competing.
  4. Move your router
    One of the easiest things to do to speed up your WiFi is to reposition your router. Get it out of backrooms, basements or other far away rooms and put it somewhere more central to your devices.

WiFi is naturally vulnerable to interferences and obstacles that cause slow speed. A quick and easy restart could be the answer to your slow Internet problems, but sometimes speeding things up takes a little more effort and preventative action like with MoCA adapters.

By using HT-EM4 MoCA adapters, you will see your WiFi speeds get faster. Want to learn more about coax, Ethernet and MoCA technology? Check out Hitron’s Learn Page for more information on these topics.

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