How Do I Know if My Router Supports Mesh Wi-Fi?
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Every router should do one thing: deliver a reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout your entire home. But not every router is made to do this in the same way.

If you live in a larger home, a traditional router may not fulfill this job. At least not to your expectations. Often times, simple things like floors, walls and distance can hinder the Wi-Fi signal reach. These interferences create dead zones and to eliminate them, you can use Wi-Fi boosters like Wi-Fi range extenders.

However, a mesh router is designed specifically for larger spaces since it is designed to cover the home in a strong Wi-Fi signal. We go more in-depth on what Mesh Wi-Fi is here.

The only way to know if your router supports mesh Wi-Fi is to get a mesh router. It is also important to know that not all mesh systems are exactly the same, so make sure to research their offerings before investing in a specific brand.


Will my traditional router work for a mesh system?

No, your traditional router cannot work on a mesh router system. This is because a mesh router is designed to broadcast a signal from multiple points, while a traditional router is designed to only broadcast from a single point.

However, traditional router systems still work well for a lot of people. Unless you are continuously experiencing Internet problems, you do not need to uphaul all of your Wi-Fi equipment this second to switch to mesh router system. But if you are having Wi-Fi Internet issues all of the time, your living situation is permanent in a large home, and you have the budget to invest, then a mesh router system might be a great solution for you.

Mesh Wi-Fi networks are definitely on the rise as “the new thing.” But traditional Wi-Fi routers and access points are constantly getting better. So, the “right answer” is whatever fits your circumstances and needs best. However, you can also keep peace of mind knowing that your traditional router can continue to work well for you.

But if your Wi-Fi isn’t satisfactory on a traditional network system, try giving your signal and coverage a boost Hitron’s offerings of Wi-Fi Boosters. They are easy to use and eliminate dead spots inside and outside of your home. And you can use them with Ethernet, MoCA, or Wi-Fi. Ask your Internet service provider (ISP) about Hitron’s Wi-Fi boosters today. Want more like this? Check out Hitron’s Learn Page for more.


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