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We all know that we want fast WiFi Internet speeds, but we probably don’t think about it until we experience a buffering video, lagging video games or a web browser that is taking forever to load. These weak WiFi connection experiences are directly affected by poor WiFi speeds and signal coverage.

This is when you need to turn to a WiFi booster.


Types of WiFi boosters

A good wireless Internet connection depends on both speed and coverage. WiFi boosters can be either wired or wireless.  Here are some examples:


A WiFi booster for your situation

Depending on your situation, different WiFi boosters are better than others. For example, if you live in a large multi-level home, you may want to consider MoCA adapters or Mesh WiFi over a wireless range extender. In a smaller space, a WiFi range extender would be a better solution.  We have a great article that examines the differences here.


WiFi booster for increased speeds

So, do WiFi boosters increase internet speed? If so, how?  WiFi boosters that use a wired solution, such as MoCA adapters, can make your Internet speeds faster and give you more reliable WiFi. This is because they harness the speeds of the wired coax network backbone to help take your wireless signal farther and establish a better Internet connection. With a better connection, you can get a stronger WiFi signal and faster speeds.

Using a combination wired/wireless WiFi booster, like coax to Ethernet MoCA adapters, is a win-win solution. This is because it leverages the speed and reliability of a wired connection to reach your WiFi signal to every corner of your home.

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