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Fast Internet is often considered a household essential. So many everyday things require an Internet connection, from smart home technologies to computers and phones. Your cable modem plays an integral role in achieving the best possible Internet speeds since it’s your connection to the Internet. DOCSIS 3.1 is currently the best cable modem technology in the market today, delivering the fastest speeds available.


What is DOCSIS 3.1 Technology

DOCSIS stands for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification, an international standard that allows data to be transferred over cable lines using an existing coaxial cable system. DOCSIS technology is integrated into cable modems that allow cable Internet service providers to deliver:

  • Up to 10 Gbps download and up to 1 Gbps upload speeds
  • Higher network capacity
  • More energy efficient modems
  • Higher quality Internet performance on crowded home networks


How to Improve Your Internet Speeds

First and foremost, to achieve the fastest, most reliable Internet speeds you need to ensure your hardware is current. Upgrading your cable modem powered by DOCSIS 3.1 allows you to get the most out of your Internet plan through your service provider. DOCSIS 3.1 provides faster Internet speeds using advanced signal processing techniques that increase the available spectrum for transferring downstream and upstream data. This process transmits more data traffic, faster and more efficiently.  Think of it as trading a smaller delivery truck for a very large transport truck to move your data.

Some other tips to improve your Internet speeds include:

  • Place your router or gateway in a central, unobstructed location.
  • Use the ideal frequency band for the connected device – 2.5 GHz for devices located farther away from the router, 5 GHz for newer devices and closer to the router.
  • Maintain your network and remove unknown or unused devices from the network.
  • Update the firmware on your router and modem.
  • Replace your modem or router to a newer version with DOCSIS 3.1.

Internet speeds are highly dependent on the modem you use in your network set up. To get the most out of your Internet plan and improve your Internet speeds, upgrade to a DOCSIS 3.1 powered modem.

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