What Everybody Needs to Know About Converting Your Coax Wiring to Ethernet
February 23, 2021

Both coaxial and Ethernet cabling create a direct wired connection that transmits data over a cable or wire. The difference is that coax is probably already in your home and Ethernet is not.

If you do not already have Ethernet cabling in your home, it can be expensive to install it. That’s why people turn to converting coax into Ethernet. It is a faster, easier and more affordable solution for getting strong Internet.


Converting Coax to Ethernet

Ethernet over coax, or MoCA technology, uses the TV coaxial cable wiring in your home to “convert” coax to Ethernet by using them together in the appropriate places. In other words, MoCA adapters turns the link from coax to Ethernet into one. Here’s how it works:

With two MoCA adapters:

  1. Connect one MoCA adapter to a coax jack and into your router.
  2. Then, connect the second MoCA adapter into the device you are using to connect to the Internet with the Ethernet cable.

With one MoCA adapter & a MoCA router:

  1. Make sure you enable the MoCA technology on your MoCA router.
  2. Then, connect the MoCA adapter into the device you are using to connect to the Internet with the Ethernet cable. Make sure they pair.

For more about coax, Ethernet and MoCA technology, check out Hitron’s Learn Page. By simply using HT-EM4 MoCA adapters, you can enhance your Wi-Fi connection and Internet experience in every corner of your home.


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