Unable to Run Ethernet? Here’s an Unbelievably Achievable Solution and It’s NOT Powerline
November 10, 2020

Whether you own your own home or rent an apartment, the monumental task of running Ethernet to improve your Internet connection can be prohibitive, especially when you think of drilling holes, running wires and not to mention the high cost of Ethernet cable.  The great news is that a super easy option exists, and it’s not Powerline.  Have you heard of MoCA?  No, it’s not the frothy coffee from your corner coffee shop.  MoCA technology converts your coax TV wiring into an Ethernet network.  What!?!  Yes, it’s true.

MoCA technology is an extremely reliable and fast wired solution for improving your home internet connection including your WiFi coverage and speeds.  MoCA technology uses a MoCA Adapter to transform your existing coax TV wiring into an Ethernet network backbone, giving you a bigger pipe for all of your internet traffic in your household.  Video streaming, online gaming, video conference calls, file transfers, and much more.

MoCA Adapters are easy to install than traditional Ethernet cabling, and they allow you to achieve network speeds close to that of a traditional Ethernet network without having to run cables throughout your home.  You can turn your home network into a high speed wired solution with speeds of up to 1 Gbps and latency as low as 3.5 ms by using MoCA Adapters.

How MoCA Adapters Work

If your router already has MoCA built-in, you’ll only have to buy one MoCA Adapter where you want to deliver the network signal. If your router does not have MoCA capabilities, you’ll have to buy two adapters: one to convert the Ethernet signal to a coax signal, and a second MoCA Adapter to convert the coax signal back to Ethernet once it has reached its final destination.

MoCA Adapters are a fantastic way to extend your Internet to your devices that are too far from your router to receive a strong WiFi signal, without spending lots of time and money.

By simply using HT-EM4 MoCA adapters, you can enhance your Wi-Fi connection and Internet experience in every corner of your home.

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