The Secret Powers of Coax TV Wiring and How it Can Improve Your Wi-Fi Connection
November 5, 2020

Did you know that you can use your Cable TV coax wiring to create a really reliable and stable home network backbone?  If you didn’t, you’re not alone.  Not many people are aware of this “secret power” that coax wiring is capable of.  You see, coax wiring is basically made up of copper wiring that is built with a metal shield to block out signal interference.  Because of this, it has been harnessed by a technology called MoCA and standardized as a technology by the MoCA Alliance to, essentially, convert coax wiring into Ethernet, and transmit internet data over your coax wiring at super-fast speeds and with rock solid reliability.


Plug n’ Play Set Up – No Wires to Run!

You can get MoCA in your home by using MoCA adapters. They do not require addition wiring, expensive installation or holes in walls. They are a plug-and-play solution that can be set up in minutes.  All you have to do is connect one MoCA adapter to a coax outlet and into your router. Then, connect the other MoCA adapter into the device you are using to connect to the Internet with the Ethernet cable.  If your router already has MoCA built-in, then you will only need one MoCA adapter to complete the network connection to your end device with an Ethernet port.  When everything is setup, the MoCA technology will help boost your entire Internet network, up to 1 Gigabit (Gbps) network speeds and latency as low as 3.5 milliseconds! This means faster speeds, reliable connection and better coverage throughout your entire home.


Boost Your Wi-Fi Connection

Because MoCA can convert your coax wiring into a highly stable Ethernet connection, you can extend the range of your WiFi network to the far corners of your home and boost your Wi-Fi network too.  Simply add a MoCA Extender into your MoCA network to get a super reliable connection and speeds to every corner of your home.  It gives you the reliability of a wired solution, combined with the flexibility of wireless!

If you are looking for a secure, reliable, convenient and fast setup, MoCA is the way to go.  It offers the solid reliability of Ethernet without punching holes in walls or expensive installations.  It’s a viable option to bring Ethernet speeds and stability to your home network without taking away hours of family time to do the super-fast set up!

Want to learn more about what MoCA can do? Check out Hitron’s Learn page for more resources.

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