How to Know Where to Plug in Your Cable Modem

October 14, 2021

You’ve purchased a new cable modem and have brought it home – now what? Installing your cable modem is a relatively quick process that starts with simply plugging it in. Depending on which cable modem you’ve purchased, it will come with descriptive directions on how to properly install it. However, there are a few steps that come first:


  1. Locate your coaxial outlet
    Depending on the room, your coaxial outlet is easy to spot. Look for the outlet that has a small, metal cylinder or connector – it’s the outlet is where your cable TV connection typically comes from.
  1. Test for an Internet signal using Hitron’s DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester
    Before you connect your cable modem, you should first check the coax outlet for an Internet signal. You could take your modem from coax outlet to coax outlet to see if your modem comes online, or you can choose the faster method using a coax cable tester, like the DSS-01, to test for an Internet signal. This simple, accurate tool is small enough to fit in hard-to-reach places while also detecting a signal in 10 seconds or less.
  1. Connect the appropriate cables
    Once determining if you have an Internet signal at the coaxial outlet, you want to make sure you have the appropriate connection cables. You will generally need a coaxial cable to connect to the cable output, as well as a power cable to connect your cable modem to an electrical outlet. You may also require an Ethernet cable if you plan on connecting your modem to a WiFi router.


To use the DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester, simply plug the Coax Cable Tester into the coaxial outlet or coax cable connector you want to test and press the button. You will receive results in less than 10 seconds. Depending on if the coax outlet is receiving a valid Internet signal, the bright, easy-to-read LED-light indicator will either turn red or green. When the LED-light indicator is red, it means the coax outlet is not receiving a valid signal. When it is green, it means the coax outlet is receiving a valid signal and is good to connect your cable modem or MoCA Network adapters.


Hitron’s Coax Cable Tester is available for purchase on Amazon.  You can learn more about our coax cable tester or MoCA Adapters by checking Hitron’s Learn page for more articles and information.




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