How to Get an Ethernet Connection Without Running Wires
October 30, 2020

You might be wondering “how is it possible to get an Ethernet connection without running any wires?”  Is this some trickery?  Oh contraire.  It’s called MoCA technology and it converts your existing coax wiring into an Ethernet backbone for your home network.

MoCA stands for Multimedia Over Coaxial Alliance.  It’s a robust and proven technology standard that converts your coax wiring into a wired Ethernet connection.  This means you get all the higher speeds and reliable connectivity of a wired solution without having to run any wires at all.

Real Benefits of MoCA:

  • Uses existing coax cables in your home
  • No expensive or messy setup (reduced cable clutter)
  • Plug n’ Play set up compared to Ethernet
  • Boosts your Wi-Fi connection and coverage when you use a MoCA-enabled Extender
  • Low latency and reduced lag to every corner of your home
  • Less interference risk than Wi-Fi or powerline networking
  • Secure technology

So how do you transform your coax wiring into Ethernet?  Two words:  MoCA Adapter.

A MoCA adapter gives you:

  • Better home Wi-Fi
  • Better streaming & gaming experiences
  • Better video conferencing when working from home
  • Faster Wi-Fi speeds
  • Better corner-to-corner Wi-Fi coverage for everyone

A MoCA adapter acts as a wired network to eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots or other network issues in your home.

Setup of a MoCA Adapter is easy:

  1. Plug one MoCA Adapter into any coax outlet and it will automatically establish a MoCA link with your MoCA-enabled router.
  2. Then use the Ethernet port to connect your HDTV, gaming console, PC or any other Ethernet-enabled device.

That’s it. With this setup, you skip extra wires, holes in walls and interruptions to your Internet connection.

You only need one MoCA adapter if you have a MoCA-capable broadband device, or router. If your router doesn’t have MoCA built in, then you will need more than one adapter. MoCA adapters are compatible with any Ethernet router or device that has an Ethernet port. It’s likely that you will need at least two adapters to properly set up a MoCA connection.

Looking to boost your Internet connection and Wi-Fi coverage? MoCA technology is the way to go. You can enhance your Wi-Fi connection in every corner of your home with HT-EM4 MoCA adapters.  Learn more about MoCA by reading Hitron’s Learn page.

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