How Do You Find a Live Coax Cable?

January 13, 2023

Finding a live coax or active coax cable should be easier than it is. Just because coax wiring is in your home may not mean that the coax outlet or wiring is functioning as you expect it to be.   Many things can affect whether or not your coax wiring is working, such as wires that may have gotten bent, animals or pets that may have chewed the wires, or coax outlets that may have been damaged or deactivated by the previous home owners/renters.


Testing your coax for a signal

Coax wiring and coax outlets carry a signal that comes from your Cable Broadband provider.  This signal operates at specific frequencies that can only be detected with a coax testing tool like the one offered by Hitron.  Other tools out there called Coax testers only measure electrical charge and are NOT capable of testing for these specific signal frequencies.

You could just plug in your cable modem or router into any coax outlet to see if it is able to connect to the Internet, but this takes time and a lot of effort because you have to plug in all of your cables and wait for the device to boot up and show that its connected to the Internet.


Easy coax outlet test

So, how do you know which outlet is working or live? This is easy to do yourself without having to call a costly technician into your home.

Here’s what you will need:

No really, it’s that simple.

A coax cable testing tool like Hitron’s DSS01 Coax Cable Tester is a portable and easy  to use tool for testing and troubleshooting your Internet on your own.


How to test coax cables

With the Hitron DSS01, finding a live coax cable is easy! It really only takes one step (as easy as the push of a button). Here’s how:

Plug the DSS01 Coax Cable Tester into the coaxial outlet you want to test and press the button. In less than 10 seconds, you will know if your coax outlet is live. When the LED-light indicator is green, it means the outlet is live and is receiving a signal.


Why you should test for live coax outlets

Testing your coax outlets will save you headaches later. By using a Hitron DSS01 cable tester you can:

  • Detect which coax outlets are active to make set up a breeze.
  • Eliminate false positive tests caused by stripped wiring, hidden splitters, or interference from nearby UHF/VHD stations to get accurate results instantly.
  • Save time on troubleshooting your Internet by instantly knowing which coax wire or coax outlet are receiving an Internet signal from your cable ISP.

The DSS01 Coax Cable tester is used by professional technicians from the largest Cable Internet Service Providers in North America. It is a trusted tool that makes their job more efficient.  Hitron has made this same professional tool available to you, the consumer!

Hitron’s DSS01 is an effective, easy-to-use tool that can help you discover if your coax outlet in your home is live, and it is ideal for do-it-yourselfers and professional technicians alike. Next time you need to test if your coax outlet is live, consider getting a DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester.

Hitron’s DSS01 Coax Cable Tester is available on Amazon.  To learn more about the DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester, check out Hitron’s Learn page or Blog.

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