3 Big Advantages of WiFi 6 over WiFi 5

June 22, 2022

WiFi 6, also known as 802.11AX, is the latest WiFi standard today that offers several advantages over the older WiFi 5 standard.

Here are the three big advantages of WiFi 6 over WiFi 5:


Advantage #1.

WiFi 6 is faster than WiFi 5.


Advantage #2.

WiFi 6 is more efficient than WiFi 5.


Advantage #3.

WiFi 6 provides better security than WiFi 5.


Now let’s unpack each of these advantages.

1. WiFi 6 is faster than WiFi 5

WiFi 6 offers speeds up to 9.6 Gbps, which is nearly double the speed of WiFi 5 which has a maximum speed of 3.5 Gbps. This faster speed means that you can download files, stream movies, and play online games much faster on WiFi 6 than on WiFi 5.

WiFi 6 also has lower latency, so it’s more responsive (faster) when transferring data over your connection. Think of it as giving your WiFi “hyper” reflexes when handling your data between your router and your Internet connection.


2. WiFi 6 has better range than WiFi 5

First, WiFi 5 is limited to the 5 GHz band, whereas WiFi 6 allows your wireless devices to take full advantage of both the 5 GHz band and the 2.4 GHz band. In a previous article, we explain the difference between 2.4 GHz vs 5 GHz WiFi channels.

In addition, WiFi 6 has introduced new features that make it perform more efficiently, such as MU-MIMO and OFDMA. We cover MU-MIMO in an article that you can read here. We also explain OFDM vs OFDMA in this article that we hope you will find helpful.

It’s important to note that WiFi 6 can support up to 8 MU-MIMO channels simultaneously, whereas WiFi 5 can only support up to 4 MU-MIMO channels.

WiFi 6 also introduced the feature OFDMA, which allows your router to communicate with more connected wireless devices simultaneously. WiFi 5, on the other hand, can only communicate with one device at a time, kind of like a traffic cop letting one vehicle through at a time.

These new features of WiFi 6 combined, make it perform better, more efficiently and at longer ranges.


3. WiFi 6 provides better security than WiFi 5

WiFi 6 has improved security using a third generation of WPA (WiFi Protected Access), called WPA3.

WPA3 is a security protocol used to encrypt and protect your password on your router, and other connected WiFi devices.

WPA3 achieves this using robust authentication protocols between your device and your WiFi network.

WPA3 makes it more difficult for hackers to access your devices and data, making your devices safer on WiFi 6 than on WiFi 5.


WiFi 6 vs WiFi 5

Overall, WiFi 6 is a better choice than WiFi 5 because it is faster, more efficient, and more secure. If you are looking to upgrade your WiFi network, WiFi 6 is the way to go. WiFi 6 is backwards-compatible with your WiFi 5 devices, so you don’t have to replace all of your WiFi 5 devices straight away and can upgrade them over time.

Looking for more information on Cable Modem Routers or WiFi?  Take a look at our Learn articles or our Blog.

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