The NOVA-2204 is a powerful 10G xPON ONT/ONU solution with symmetrical 10G speeds to provide high-speed Internet access for residential and business customers.
  • Supports XGS PON and EPON in one unit.
  • The only ONU with 10G upstream for premium tier services.
Only sold through Service Providers

Powerful 10G Fiber Access and Data/Voice Services

Deliver high ARPU premium business and residential services with Hitron’s NOVA2204 10G xPON ONT/ONU. With a 10 Gigabit PON fiber interface, this powerful solution delivers speeds up to 8.5 Gbps downstream and 8.4 Gbps upstream. You can meet everyone’s most bandwidth-demanding applications today and tomorrow, including telecommuting, HD and UHD video on demand, ultra high speed Internet access, voice, interactive media services and more. 


Flexible Fiber Options: 10G-EPON, XG-PON, and XGS-PON

Deploy the right solution for your network needs with support for IEEE 802.3av 10G-EPON, ITU-T G.987.2 XG-PON and ITU-T G.9807.1 XGS-PON.


Optional Voice Services and Battery Backup

The NOVA2204 is a one-box solution and can be configured with optional two FXS VoIP ports and a battery backup. You can deliver reliable voice services to residential and SOHO subscribers. The optional backup battery provides uninterruptable service for up to 19 hours during a commercial power outage (depending on model and utilization).


Keep Using your Existing DOCSIS Provisioning Systems

There’s no need to overhaul your current DOCSIS provisioning, billing and management systems when you migrate to fiber. Support for DOCSIS DPoE 2.0 (DOCSIS Provisioning over EPON) means that the NOVA2204 ONU will look like a CMTS to your existing DOCSIS systems.


10G LAN Home/Business Networking

You can make sure your subscriber’s LAN network makes full use of the 10G access speeds. The NOVA2204 supports one 100/1000/2.5G/5G/10G Ethernet port and one 10/100/1000 Ethernet port.


Easy to Deploy, Monitor and Manage

The NOVA2204 is so easy to install, that your end users can handle it themselves. And an integrated fiber tray helps technicians do a professional install. The device’s built-in DHCP automatically obtains the IP address and configuration from the network server – no user intervention required. And support for IEEE 802.3ah OAM lets you remotely manage the device.

Key Specifications

  • IEEE 802.3av 10G-EPON compliant
  • ITU-T G.987.2 XG-PON compliant
  • ITU-T G.9807.1 XGS-PON compliant
  • DOCSIS DPoE 2.0 compliant
  • One 100/1000/2.5G/5G/10GBASE-T Ethernet port
  • One 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet port
  • Optional battery back-up
  • Extensive operator control via configuration file and IEEE 802.3ah OAM

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The NOVA2204 – Flexible 10G access for business and residential subscribers. Learn more.

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