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Not all WiFi mesh systems are the same. One of the differences is how the WiFi mesh devices receive power. Let’s define a few terms and go through different options for power (pluggable vs external power) and which is a better option for you and your home network setup.


What is a WiFi mesh device?

A WiFi mesh box is one of the devices that you place around your home. They are part of the whole-home mesh system. Sometimes, they are referred to as units, nodes or pods, depending on the brand or who is talking about them. Just like the names for these devices, the way that they are powered can differ.

Some WiFi mesh boxes can be plugged into a wall outlet, whereas some have an external power source.


What is a pluggable pod?

A pluggable pod (box, unit, node, etc.) has standard outlet plug prongs that allow you to plug the device directly into the outlet as a power source. This requires your rooms to have outlets in order to place them throughout your home.

What does external power mean?

External power refers to an additional device that acts as the power supply. For example, using coax cable lines and MoCA adapters. This type of external power lets you create a multi-lane “super-highway” between your home’s router and Wi-Fi access points. The direct connection means faster speeds into your Wi-Fi access points, which means faster WiFi out to all of your devices throughout your entire home.

Which is better, a pluggable WiFi Pod or one that has external power?

The benefit of pluggable pods is that the power source is direct. The disadvantage is that it requires you to have outlets in every room that you want to place the unit. The other disadvantage is that the device takes up a plug space that you might otherwise need or want to use.

The benefit using an external power source is also a direct connection, however unlike pluggable pods, you are not taking up every outlet in your home. The disadvantage is that you have to get an additional adapter device, whereas the pods themselves don’t need the adapter.

Both solutions will get you faster Internet and better coverage in your home. The better solution for you is whichever fits your preference and budget.

By simply using HT-EM4 MoCA adapters as an external power source, you can enhance your WiFi connection and Internet experience in every corner of your home. Hitron’s offerings are secure and reliable and give you the fast, high-performing WiFi network you need in your home. Want to learn more? Check out Hitron’s Learn Page and blog for more resources on these topics.

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