How Do I Know If I Have a MoCA Network?

If you didn’t set up own MoCA network, then you don’t have one. However, that doesn’t mean that you home isn’t ready to be set up with a MoCA network.

MoCA technology uses the existing coaxial cables already in most people’s homes. With MoCA you can create a wired Internet home network without drilling holes into your walls or running extra wires.

MoCA delivers a fast and reliable Internet connection every time you connect. That means reduced lagging and ultra-speedy connections which are a must-have for things like streaming videos or online gaming.


How to know if your home is MoCA-ready

If you currently pay for TV services like cable or moved into a home that once had cable services, then your home is definitely MoCA-ready. All you need to do is locate the existing coaxial cable jacks. Most homes have at least two or more.

The same cable jacks that you would connect your TV to receive cable are the same ones that you can use to send Internet data through. These wires are called coaxial cables. These are the cables that you can use for a MoCA network.

All you have to do is get a pair of MoCA adapters and enable MoCA on your router.

Here are the steps to set up MoCA adapters:

  1. Plug a MoCA device into a coax jack and connect it to your router with an Ethernet cable.
  2. Connect another MoCA device to a different coax jack in your home.

The setup is clean and easy. MoCA adapters and MoCA technology have many benefits in addition to easy installation. These beneficial features are why you should consider MoCA in your home.


Why you want MoCA

First, MoCA makes your Wi-Fi better. When you connect stationary devices like PCs or gaming consoles, you free up your Wi-Fi network for more portable devices like smartphones and laptops.

Using a MoCA adapter like the Hitron HT-EM4 has many benefits, such as:

  • Improving Internet connection for streaming, gaming and video calls.
  • Creating a wired backbone for your wireless network, therefore delivering faster Wi-Fi speeds.
  • Providing a secure and reliable connection.
  • Being a cost-effective way to get better Internet.
  • Being small and compact, which helps reduce clutter even though they are a wired solution.

Want to learn more about how MoCA technology can improve your home Wi-Fi network? Ask your Internet service provider about MoCA today.

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