How Many Mesh Wi-Fi Devices are Needed for a Large Home?
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To get a Wi-Fi mesh network system started in your home, you need to figure out how much wireless coverage you will need. Start by figuring out the square footage of your home and any outdoor areas that you want to cover. If you have a multi-floor home, don’t forget to factor the distance between floors.

To figure out how many mesh Wi-Fi devices to start with, you can follow this general guide:

  • For a small home, approximately 800 sq ft or less: a mesh router and 1 pair of Wi-Fi mesh units.
  • For a mid-sized home, approximately 1,200 sq ft: a mesh router, 1 pair of Wi-Fi mesh units and 1 node.
  • For a large or multi-story home, approximately 2,500 sq ft or more: a mesh router, 1 pair of Wi-Fi mesh units and 2 nodes.

An important thing to know is that while Wi-Fi mesh systems operate similarly, not all mesh Wi-Fi systems and devices are the same. Coverage can and will vary from system to system. Just like with any brand of devices, there can be differences. Also, mesh Wi-Fi is still wireless Internet, so even though it is designed to blanket your home with coverage, it is still vulnerable to interferences.


How to Set Up a Mesh Wi-Fi System in Your Home

App download

Many mesh Wi-Fi systems will require you to download an app. After your download the app, create your account and create a strong password.


Consider unplugging your mesh router and modem so that they can reset and assign a valid IP address to the new mesh router node.

Positioning the nodes

Figure out where you need coverage most in your home and place the nodes throughout your home intentionally. The position of your nodes will determine how well your network is optimized to eliminate dead zones. This can depend on the mesh system you have.

You should also consider how you will connect to devices like gaming consoles, PCs, TVs, and other entertainment devices. These devices perform better using a wired connection because it offers a more stable connection and faster speeds without interference from other wireless devices.


Less expensive ways to boost your Wi-Fi

Outfitting your home with a mesh Wi-Fi can be expensive. If you have a large home, this will be your best solution. But if your living space is small, consider other Wi-Fi boosters like Wi-Fi range extenders, which will also improve your Wi-Fi’s reach at the fraction of the cost of Wi-Fi mesh. Hitron’s offerings of Wi-Fi Boosters are flexible solutions to get the fast and high-performing network you want. For more answers to questions and tips like this, check out Hitron’s Learn Page and blog.


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