How Does a MoCA Network Make Your WiFi Faster?

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The short answer is that a MoCA network does two major things to make your WiFi network faster:

  1. MoCA takes the load off your wireless network by connecting to the high-bandwidth devices directly. (PCs, gaming consoles, etc.)
  2. MoCA works to extend the reach of your WiFi coverage so that wireless devices can connect easier and better.

But let’s go deeper into it and start from the beginning.


What is MoCA?

MoCA stands for Multimedia over Coaxial Alliance. MoCA technology allows you to transmit Ethernet data over coax TV wiring. Coax TV wiring already exists in your home if you (or previous tenants/owners) have ever had Cable TV services installed and set up. That is how to know if you have a MoCA-ready network.

What are MoCA Adapters?

MoCA adapters are the devices you use to create a MoCA network in your home. MoCA adapters convert your coax wiring or coax outlets into an Ethernet-like connection.  Each adapter acts as a wired network solution that eliminates any dead spots or connectivity issues in your home. If there is a coax outlet or wiring, you can connect a MoCA adapter to connect any Ethernet device that will connect to your new MoCA network.

Setting up MoCA adapters is easy.

How Do I Set Them Up?

All you have to do to setup a MoCA adapter is:

  1. Plug a MoCA adapter into a coax outlet or wiring and connect it to your router with an Ethernet cable.
  2. Connect another MoCA adapter to a different coax outlet in your home and connect your Ethernet device, such as a computer or gaming console.

That’s it. With this setup, you skip the hassle of running wires, drilling holes in walls and interruptions to your Internet connection.

WiFi Benefits from a MoCA-Wired Network

Beyond easy setup, a MoCA adapter like the Hitron HT-EM4 (available to purchase on  Amazon) has many benefits, the number one in this article being faster WiFi speeds. When your WiFi is faster, everything on the network is better. Primarily, this happens by removing devices from your wireless network that soak up all of the bandwidth and connect them to wires.

A MoCA network also helps with better streaming & gaming experiences.  Since MoCA creates a stable and extremely fast Internet (capable of speeds up to 1 Gbps), you don’t have to worry about your favorite shows or movies buffering, freezing or cutting out. You get pristine 4K and HD resolution and lag-free gaming. With a MoCA network supporting your WiFi, the faster MoCA network speeds are passed on to your WiFi connections, greatly enhancing your WiFi performance.

Other big benefits include:

  • Faster network speeds
  • Reliable connection
  • Better home WiFi overall
  • Better video calls for working from home
  • A secure, reliable Internet connection

Hitron’s HT-EM4 MoCA adapters are available to purchase from Amazon.

Need to learn more about MoCA technology or MoCA adapters?  Check out our Learn page and blog.


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