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A modem is a device that connects a computer to a local area network (LAN) Internet service. There are a few types of modems: analog modems (dial-up), digital subscriber line (DSL) or cable modems. The difference between the types has to do with the kind of connection the modem requires to get Internet service.

A cable modem connects though the same cable that supplies cable TV. A cable modem delivers high-speed Internet to your devices by using coaxial cables that connect to the back of the modem and the bolt-like outlet in your wall or on your cable box.


How cable modems work

The purpose of a modem is to connect your computer to your Internet service provider (ISP). A cable modem does this by using a coax cable to communicate with your ISP and connect to the Internet.

A cable modem operates like a digital translator. It receives data from your ISP and translates it into something your router can understand. Your router then distributes the signal to your devices. This is how you get wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) using a cable modem on your network.


What is a cable modem used for?

A cable modem is used for getting an Internet connection. Cable modems deliver broadband Internet access in the form of cable Internet. Cable modems can be used in your home or for your business. Regardless, it is an essential hardware device for Internet.


What does a cable modem connect to?

Setting up a cable modem is easy. All you need is the device, coaxial cables and an Ethernet cable. The cable modem connects to two places: the cable TV jack in your wall and to your device.

First, take the coaxial cable and make sure it is securely connected to the cable TV jack in your wall and to the modem device itself.

Second, take the Ethernet cable and connect one end to the port on your cable modem and the other end directly into your device, such as a computer. This direct connection to your device delivers fast and reliable Internet, which is perfect for streaming and gaming.

The advantage to the wired connection is strong, reliable Internet. The disadvantage is that it is not great for portable devices since you are plugged in. But for activities that are stationary, like gaming, video conference calls or online classes, using a wired solution is a great way to go. Leave the Wi-Fi for your other portable devices.

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