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The coax cable used by your cable company for Internet service is extremely reliable and specifically designed to handle very high-bandwidth applications such as video and Internet.


A Surprisingly Fast Network Backbone

Coax cable does not inherently slow down your Internet. In fact, because coax cable wiring is intentionally designed to carry extremely high-bandwidth data, you can harness this wiring using MoCA technology to transform and boost your Internet speeds. Now, some people typically turn to Ethernet as a fast, wired Internet solution. But it’s not the only way to go. When it comes to Internet speed, your coax wiring (with MoCA technology) can greatly enhance your home network’s performance to every corner of your home.


Ethernet over Coax

Transforming your coaxial cable TV wiring in your home into an Ethernet network backbone is easier than you think. Especially for people who live in older homes and apartments that cannot run Ethernet. Over 90% of homes in the U.S. have coax wiring, and it does not have to be an active cable connection in order for you to take advantage of this network wiring backbone!


Converting Coax to Ethernet

By using MoCA technology and MoCA Adapters, Extenders or Routers, you can send your internet signal over your existing coaxial wiring to give you the stability of a wired connection with extremely fast speeds and reliability that is perfect for 4K HD streaming, online gaming and working from home (just to name a few examples). MoCA lowers latency (no lag) and improves connection speeds. The most practical and easiest way to convert your coax wiring into an Ethernet connection is by using a pair of MoCA adapters. MoCA is a worry-free solution. No additional wires, no expensive installation or setup, always reliable.


MoCA Adapters vs Ethernet

Many times, people want to know the difference between MoCA and Ethernet speeds. Both technologies have pros and cons, which depend on your situation and Internet demands. The main difference between the two technologies and Internet speed is:

MoCA 2.5 adapters are designed to get up to 2.5 Gbps speeds over the MoCA Network. Technically Ethernet can support speeds beyond 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps as long as your Ethernet wiring is replaced to support the higher speeds.

Ethernet can pretty much always get fast Internet connection. However, that comes with a cost:

  • Expensive installation
  • The structure of your home may not allow installation
  • Each device in the home needs its own Ethernet cable

It’s no secret that Ethernet can be faster, but MoCA is a much more convenient way to boost your connection speeds and coverage throughout your home without the hassle of running wires, putting holes in walls or dealing with the expense of Ethernet wiring. That’s why using MoCA adapters is a great solution for Ethernet over coax, because it gives you the best of both worlds. Using MoCA adapters with your coax wiring, you create a reliable and fast wired solution. When you plug in your WiFi router or extender to this rock-solid network, you can connect any wireless device with an Ethernet port!

Achieving an Ethernet over coax (MoCA) network is simple.

  • Purchase MoCA adapters like our HT-EM4 MoCA adapters
  • Connect one adapter to your router
  • Connect the other adapter to your Ethernet device (streaming, gaming, computer, etc.)

So, the long answer made short is that no, coaxial cable does not slow down your Internet. It can be leveraged to vastly improve your Internet.

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