WPS explained

WiFi-Protected Setup (WPS) is a standardized method of allowing new wireless devices to quickly and easily join an existing wireless network without entering a WiFi name and password.

Use the WPS screen to enable WPS-capable wireless clients to connect or “pair” to the ARIA3411 Mesh network via the “Share WiFi” on the Overview (Dashboard) page of the MyHitron+ app or via the Web Manager GUI.

When WPS is enabled, you can launch a pairing session from your MyHitron+ app or from the Web Manager GUI.

The Hitron ARIA3411 provides WPS authentication via a “virtual button” in the MyHitron+ app or Web Manager GUI.

E Virtual Push-Button Configuration: when WPS is enabled within the MyHitron+ app or the Web Manager GUI, any user of a wireless client that supports WPS can press the corresponding WPS button on the client within two minutes to join the network.

Once authenticated, devices that have joined a network via WPS use the WPA2 security standard.

PLEASE NOTE:  Hitron strongly recommends keeping the WPS feature DISABLED when NOT IN USE.  WPS is considered an unsafe feature. Communication industry acknowledge that this pairing method can have a breach over time using brute force. Therefore, Hitron recommends keeping WPS disabled after use.

MyHitron+ App

From within the MyHitron+ app:  Click My WiFi > gear icon > Advanced > WPS.  The following screen displays.

Click on the WPS to Enable

The following table describes the labels in this screen.

WiFi channel 2.4G
WiFi channel 5G
WiFi channel 6G
Airtime fairness
Band steering
Displays advanced WiFi settings.
Settings for WiFi 2.4GHz wireless channel.
Settings for WiFi 5GHz wireless channel.
Settings for WiFi 6 GHz wireless channel.
Use this field to Enable or Disable Airtime fairness.
Use this field to Enable or Disable Band steering.
Use this field to Enable or Disable WiFi Protected Setup (WPS).
• Enable to turn WPS on.
• Disable to turn WPS off.

Web Manager GUI

From within the Web Manager GUI:  Click WiFi > WPS. The following screen displays.

The following table describes the labels in this screen.

Enable WPS
Pair device with WPS
Use this field to turn WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) On or Off.
• Enable to turn WPS on.
• Disable to turn WPS off
Once WPS is enabled, this button can launch the WPS pairing process.

Pairing a Device using WPS

WPSisdisabledbydefault.Youwillhavetoactivateit before starting the pairing.

To start the pairing process, do the following:

1) Enable WPS on your router. It will take ~30 sec for WiFi to restart

2) Activate WPS pairing process on your ARIA3411 by tapping on Press to pair.
When ARIA3411 is searching for another device, the front LED will start blinking blue.

3) Activate WPS pairing process on the mobile device you want to

4) Wait for up to 2 minutes. The devices will find each other if the mobile device is within WiFi range to the ARIA3411. WPS will setup WiFi network parameters automatically on the mobile device.

Once paired, the LED will be steady blue for 60 seconds before returning to the original white color. If after 2 minutes the search for another device is unsuccessful, the pairing will stop, and you will get notified that it was unsuccessful.

NOTE: You should disable WPS after pairing your devices for security reasons.

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