Device Filter

You can set the ARIA3411 to allow only certain devices to access the ARIA3411 and the network, or to deny certain devices access.

The “Device filter” setting allows you to specify on which computers/devices access to the Internet and your network may be blocked. Also, the setting can control blocking/allowing based on the schedule, which is defined by the rule.

Use this screen to configure Media Access Control (MAC) address filtering on the LAN.

You can turn filtering on or off, and configure new and existing filtering.

Click Security > Device Filter. The following screen displays.

The following table describes the labels in this screen.

Block a device
Displays a list of the Blocked devices.
Use this field to Add a device to the Blocking list.

Block A Device

Select one or more devices from the connect devices list to the blocked devices list.

The following table describes the labels in the Block A Device pop-up screen.

Connected Devices
Displays a list of the connected (unblocked) devices.
Use this to refresh (reload) list of connected devices.
Click this to save your changes to the fields in this screen.
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