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To get Wi-Fi with your Coax Internet network you need a router. Your router is what translates the analog data from your cable modem to a digital Wi-Fi signal that your wireless devices understand. When it comes to coax Internet (MoCA), you can use either a traditional router or a MoCA-enabled router to do this. The setup is a little different depending on which type of router you use.


Traditional router vs MoCA router

A traditional router – sometimes referred to as a standard router, basic router or regular router – can be enough for many homes. If your goal is to get a Wi-Fi connection, these will work with MoCA adapters and Coax Internet to give your whole space Wi-Fi coverage.

A MoCA router is a router that has built-in MoCA technology. With a MoCA router, you can use one MoCA adapter to setup an Ethernet over Coax (MoCA) network to get incredibly fast and reliable speeds.

Setting up MoCA with your router

So, the answer is that you can use either a traditional router or MoCA router with coax Internet. Either way, you will need to use MoCA adapters.

If you use a traditional router, you will have to use two or more MoCA adapters to get Wi-Fi. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Connect one MoCA adapter to a coax jack and into your router.
  2. Then, take the second adapter and connect it with an Ethernet cable into the device you want to use to connect to the Internet.

Having two MoCA adapters will guarantee that you can successfully set up a MoCA network in your home. With or without the enabled router. The setup with a MoCA-enabled router is also easy:

  1. Connect one MoCA adapter to a coax jack and to your device via Ethernet
  2. Make sure it pairs with your MoCA-enabled router.

Since a MoCA router has the MoCA technology built in, it stands in for the second MoCA adapter in the connection.


Choosing the right router for your network:

The router your use with your coax (MoCA) Internet depends on your situation.

Whether you choose a traditional router or MoCA-ready router is your decision to make. But either way, buying a router can have more cost-saving and performance benefits than renting one does.

For even more convenience when setting a MoCA network in your home, consider a cable modem router combo like one of Hitron’s offerings. They make home networking an easier, better experience overall. Whether you decide to rent or buy, ask your ISP about Hitron’s DOCSIS 3.1, Wi-Fi 6 ready cable modem routers today.

For more information on home networking solutions check out Hitron’s Learn Page .


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