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MoCA adapters use MoCA technology to enhance your home Wi-Fi network. They use the existing coaxial wiring in your home to boost your Wi-Fi to give you better Wi-Fi overall. The number of adapters that you need to get better Wi-Fi depends on your living situation.


How many MoCA adapters you need:

You only need one MoCA adapter if you have a MoCA-capable broadband device, or router. If your router doesn’t have MoCA built in, then you will need more than one adapter. MoCA adapters are compatible with any Ethernet router or device that has an Ethernet port. It’s likely that you will need at least two adapters to properly set up a MoCA connection.

Two MoCA adapters will work best most apartments and homes. However, if you have a large home or office space you are trying to enhance, you might want to invest in more adapters.

With a MoCA adapter like the HT-EM4, you can have up to 16 MoCA devices, including the paired extenders. These work together to push solid Wi-Fi coverage throughout your entire home or space. Each device can communicate up to 300-feet apart. With that in mind, you probably will only need 1 or 2 devices.

With one HT-EM4 MoCA adapter, you can achieve a lot:

  • Better Wi-Fi coverage
    MoCA boosts your Wi-Fi so that you don’t have to deal with signal drops and slow speeds that cause frustrating interruptions.
  • Better video streaming
    MoCA allows you to stream HD video through any Wi-Fi device without interruption like poor resolution.
  • Better online gaming
    MoCA’s high-speed Wi-Fi combats lag, a gamers worst nightmare. With MoCA your network’s latency stays low so the actions in your game play are always in real time.
  • Faster speeds
    MoCA’s biggest feature is the ability to create a faster Internet connection. These speeds are what boost your Wi-Fi network.
  • Better experience working from home
    MoCA makes working from home a better experience, especially if your role requires video conference meetings. You will get a solid, reliable connection to do your job even if the rest of the household is also connected to the Internet.

You can set up your MoCA adapter to enhance your network in two steps:

Step 1: Take one of the HT-EM4 adapters and one Ethernet cable. Connect one end of the adapter into a coax jack and, using the Ethernet cable, connect the other end to your router.

Step 2: Take the second HT-EM4 MoCA adapter and connect it to any other coax outlet in your home. It should establish a MoCA link automatically with the gateway.

Now you are ready to jump on your super-fast, enhanced Wi-Fi connection.

Want to learn more about how MoCA technology can enhance your home Wi-Fi? Ask your Internet service provider about MoCA today.

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