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Most home Wi-Fi networks only use one router. However, there are a few situations that make sense for adding a second router to your MoCA network. They are:

  • To extend the wireless range in your home to reach dead spots
  • To create a separate network for devices like gaming consoles
  • To support more wireless devices

Having a second router on your MoCA network is possible. The purpose is to extend your Wi-Fi signal while also de-congesting your main network for better device performance.

Beware, a network with multiple routers can become too crowded. The proper way to incorporate more than one router onto the one MoCA network is to treat one router like the “master” router. In other words, it’s the “one in charge” of the entire network and the second router connects to it.


How to properly set up more than one router on your MoCA network

Setting up two routers on your MoCA network involves three key things:

  1. Choosing a good location
  2. Ensuring the right physical connections
  3. Configuring IP address and channel settings

For the physical connection, you must decide if you are connecting a second wired router or wireless router? This will determine the way you connect/setup the second router on your network.


To connect a wired router to your MoCA network:

A second wired router needs to connect to the first router. You can do this via Ethernet cable and MoCA adapters. Plug one end of the Ethernet cord into the new router’s uplink port (sometimes labelled WAN or Internet port) and the other end of the Ethernet cable into any of the first router’s free ports other than the uplink port.


To connect a wireless router to your MoCA network:

For a wireless router, you can also connect it to the first router with an Ethernet cable and MoCA adapters, or you can connect wirelessly. For a strong connection, connect via an MoCA like the wired router steps above. If you connect wirelessly, the second router may only function as a wireless access point instead of a router, meaning that its functions are limited.

Important note: If both routers on your network are wireless, the signals can interfere with one another. Make sure to adjust each router’s channel settings so they are on separate channels.


Alternates to Two Routers

Instead of two routers, boost your signal with Wi-Fi boosters. If the goal is to establish separate networks for devices, then having two routers can make sense depending on your situation. If you want to avoid IP address settings, you could use an Ethernet switch to get similar results.

However, if your goal for having two routers is to eliminate dead spots, try using other Wi-Fi boosters to extend the range of coverage in your home instead. The advantage of having one router and using other Wi-Fi boosters like MoCA adapters is that it boosts your coverage while helping avoid the possible congestion a second router can bring in.

Yes, having two routers on your MoCA network is possible. But it may not be the best solution for you. It all depends on your needs.

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