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When you hear the term MoCA you think wired Internet. So, what does MoCA have to do with Wi-Fi? And how can it make your Wi-Fi better if it requires wires? MoCA indirectly makes your Wi-Fi better by acting as a wired backbone or support system for your network. MoCA is the best of both wired and wireless.

Yes, MoCA is a wired solution, but it does not require you to run a bunch of wires across your home to get the benefits of wired Internet. Also, it does not require you to bust into any walls to get a fast Internet network connection like running Ethernet would. MoCA technology requires minimal wires for connection (usually one Ethernet cable) and works best with your bandwidth hungry devices, which are usually stationary devices like gaming consoles and PCs. Once these devices are on a MoCA connection, your Wi-Fi network is freed up for your other mobile devices. So naturally, your Wi-Fi can speed up and perform better once you shift devices to MoCA.


How to use MoCA with Wi-Fi and Why

Setting up MoCA in your home can enhance your Wi-Fi performance in many ways. To set up MoCA you need MoCA adapters. You can set them up in your home in a few ways:

  1. Pairing two or more MoCA adapters
  2. Pairing a MoCA adapter with your MoCA-enabled router

MoCA supporting your Wi-Fi network results in:

  • Better Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. MoCA gives your Wi-Fi a boost to eliminate dead spots. No more dropped Wi-Fi signals and slow speeds.
  • Faster Wi-Fi speeds. The biggest feature of MoCA is that it creates a faster Internet connection. These speeds then boost your Wi-Fi network.
  • Lag-free online gaming. If you’ve been wanting a better gaming set up, consider MoCA. MoCA gets rid of lag and keeps your network’s latency low so your game play is always in real time.
  • Video streaming without interruptions. MoCA allows you to stream 4K HD video through any Wi-Fi device without interruption like buffering or poor resolution.
  • Stress-free working/school from home or remote.  MoCA makes working from home or doing school from home a better experience. You get a solid, reliable connection to do your work even if the rest of the household is also connected to the Internet.

Wi-Fi is more convenient and freeing than wired solutions, but also more vulnerable. With a little help from MoCA, you’ll be happier when you are gaming, streaming, or taking video calls without interruptions. Use HT-EM4 MoCA adapters to make your Wi-Fi faster and more reliable today.

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