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How do I access the GUI on the CODA56?

The ability to access Hitron’s CODA56 GUI requires firmware version or higher.  This firmware is only available from your ISP, since the upgrading of all cable modems is governed by DOCSIS standards, which mandate that the distribution of firmware updates lies with the Service Provider.

Hitron does not provide end-users with a direct link to downloadable firmware for cable modems.  Instead, firmware updates are handed over to the Service Provider, who test and distribute the firmware to the respective cable modems on their network.  This firmware is currently available for Comcast Subscribers.

How to Access the GUI:


What you will need:

  • Laptop or computer connected via Ethernet and configured with a STATIC IP  set to the 192.168.100.x subnet (see links below)

Static IP for MacIntosh

Static IP for Windows


Steps to Access the GUI:

  • Connect and power up the CODA56 modem
  • Connect the Laptop/computer via Ethernet cable to the CODA56 modem
  • From the Laptop/computer, open any browser to go to
  • A Status menu displays:

The Status menu contains the following sections:

  • System Information
  • LAN Port Status


Status:  System Information

The System Information screen displays general information about your CODA56’s hardware, software, and its connection to the Internet.



Displays both Upstream and Downstream signal parameters, including OFDM Downstream & Upstream Overview, and OFDMA Upstream Overview.



Status:  LAN Port Status

Displays LAN port status, speed and Duplex status for each LAN port.


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