Dedicated to Manufacturing Excellence


At Hitron, we are more than leaders in DOCSIS and CPE solutions. We offer best-in-class manufacturing and operational excellence. Throughout our history, we have demonstrated our commitment to excellence in procurement, manufacturing, quality and fulfillment. We aim to raise the bar when it comes to customer expectations, responsiveness, an unwavering commitment to quality and low cost production.

ISO and TL-9000 Certified

Hitron continues to pass numerous industry standards on manufacturing including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22301, ISO 45001 and TL 9000.


Committed to Quality

We ensure that the products we deliver exceed our customer’s expectations. We comply with industry best practices and continually strive for process improvement while maintaining the highest quality of operational and service excellence.


Ability to Produce Millions of Units per Month

Hitron currently owns manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, giving us the ability to produce millions of units each month to meet customer schedules and to avoid escalating tariffs.

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