What is MoCA 2.5 & How Will it Make My Wi-Fi Better?

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MoCA 2.5 is the most updated MoCA standard. MoCA 2.5 is capable of up to 2.5 Gbps actual throughputs and is backward interoperable with MoCA 2.0 and MoCA 1.1.

Before we get to how MoCA 2.5 improves your Wi-Fi here’s a littler background on MoCA:

Over the years, there have been different “levels” or standards of MoCA. Here’s a brief look at how MoCA has evolved:

  • MoCA 1.0 offered 100 Mbps speeds.
  • MoCA 1.1 offered 175 Mbps speeds and was backward compatible to MoCA 1.0
  • MoCA 2.0 offers 500 Mbps speeds. This standard is still widely used today and is also compatible with MoCA 1.0 and 1.1.
  • MoCA 2.5 is the most updated MoCA standard offered today. It offers up to 2.5 Gbps throughput speeds.


The Upgrades from MoCA 2.0 to 2.5

Let’s do a comparison of the changes from MoCA 2.0 to 2.5:

MoCA 2.0

  • 1 Gbps actual throughput
  • Average 3.5ms latency
  • Fully backward interoperable with MoCA 1.1.

MoCA 2.5

Offers everything that MoCA 2.0 does, plus more:

  • 2.5 Gbps actual throughput
  • Less than 5ms latency
  • MoCA protected setup (MPS)
  • Enhanced privacy and security overall
  • Provides better control of peak signal power on the coax by configuring the beacon power of nodes to an absolute level
  • Bridge detection distinguishes between nodes, which helps with things like preventing neighbors from forming a common network
  • Backward compatible to MoCA 2.0

And more. In summary, MoCA 2.5 is faster, stronger and more secure.


How MoCA 2.5 Improves Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is great because its wireless nature is convenient. But Wi-Fi has shortcomings. Wireless networks experience varying speeds and signal strengths because they are susceptible to interferences. That’s why pairing a wired component helps support your Wi-Fi network.

MoCA 2.5 is an enhanced wired solution that is designed to make your Wi-Fi better. MoCA adapters act as the support system for your Wi-Fi by ensuring fast, reliable and secure coverage for your home.

If you’re looking to improve your Wi-Fi,  MoCA technology is the way to go. You can enhance your Wi-Fi connection with HT-EM4 MoCA 2.5 adapters in your home today. Check out our Learn Page and blog for more.


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