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You maybe already be familiar with what MoCA is. However, as a quick recap just in case, MoCA stands for Multimedia over Coax Alliance. It is a wired setup, or solution, for your home Internet. It uses the existing coaxial cables already in your home to create a fast, wired connection. This is great for supporting your Wi-Fi network by wiring up the stationary devices that require an uninterrupted connection, like your gaming console, TV or PC.

If you notice your Wi-Fi network performance is slipping, or it’s just not satisfying you, consider turning to MoCA to boost things. Often, your Wi-Fi performance struggles because of a weak signal, which can’t travel far enough in your home. MoCA adapters help solve this problem by extending strong Internet connection into hard to reach places.


How far MoCA can Reach

MoCA adapter devices like HT-EM4 MoCA adapters are compact and portable. It’s easy to put them anywhere in your home. MoCA technology can travel as far as the wiring in your home will allow. But it’s safe to say that the total maximum distance between devices is 300 feet, including in-wall wiring. You can have up to 16 MoCA devices in your home, so with 300 feet between up to 16 devices, MoCA can travel far.

MoCA offers full coverage in your home. It helps Wi-Fi travel to every corner of your home to eliminate dead spots. So, as big as your home is, that’s how far it will reach. However, if your space is small or if you have numerous adapters, you can even get the connection to reach beyond your walls to spaces like your garage, backyard or front yard. As long as you have an area to plug in for your adapter and for a direct connection to your device, MoCA can travel to that space.

By using MoCA adapters in your home, you will improve your Internet connection for gaming, because wiring up makes your Wi-Fi faster and more reliable. Want to learn more about what MoCA can do? Check out Hitron’s Learn page for more resources.

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