How to Reboot your ARIA3411

Using any of the actions below will reboot or restore your ARIA3411 configuration settings. The ARIA3411 will perform its full reboot sequence and return to active state in less than 2 minutes.

There are 4 ways to reboot (or restart) your ARIA3411: 

1)   Using RESET Button on Rear Panel:
1a) Insert the end of a paper clip or other small object with a narrow tip into the Reset opening on the back of your ARIA3411.
1b) Press and hold the Reset button for three or four seconds only to reset the ARIA3411. The ARIA3411 resets, using your existing settings.

2)   Using Web Manager GUI:
2a) Under Administrator Settings > Device Reset

3)   Using MyHitron+ app:
3a) From the main menu, click on the “…” at the top right of the screen which goes to “more”.
3b) Click on “My networks” found under the “management” heading.
3c) Locate ARIA3411 in the My Networks list that you want to reboot and tap on it.
3d) Find the “Restart WiFi Equipment” button at the bottom of the Device Information

4)   Unplug/plug in your ARIA3411:
4a) Simply unplug and plug back in your ARIA3411 power cord. If your ARIA3411 loses power, it will also reboot itself.


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